Amazing life of Traveling #3 Luxembourg 🇱🇺🇱🇺🇱🇺🇱🇺

Luxembourg CityLeft Brussels to Luxembourg via train on September 3, 2011 Saturday at 11:46 am. It is funny-we are heading to Luxembourg and we did not reserve a hotel- it is added  on our way to France. The fare to Lux from Brussels round trip is 60.00 Euro (for two)-if you want a one way ticket it cost you 70.00 euro (for two)-I think they just do not want to let you go from Brussels. One thing –euro they do not use period to separate the dollar from the cent-they use comma- like this 60,00 instead of 60.00 and for the hour they use period instead of semi colon eg. Time is 13.20 pm instead of 13:20 pm. The attendant who sold us the ticket at Gare Central Brussels –he said if we are lucky in finding couples at Gare Luxembourg who are heading to Brussels-we could sell our ticket-the ticket is for 24 hr.
On the train to Lux- I tried to put my carry-on luggage on the head compartment-like any New Yorker-can do it by myself attitude- the train start moving and I lost my balance-two good gentlemen’s (a black young man and an older white –he looks like an Irish man) catch  me like I am some sort of Basketball- and I did not know which language to use to thank them. The White –Irish looking man got off at Ciney-smaller city at station 12:59 pm. Before he got off he wrote down the station where the train stops between Brussels and Lux for me.
From Brussels- Belgium to Luxembourg –Track IC September 3, 2011 Saturday

• Natwr at 12:40 pm

• Ciney at 12:59 pm

• Mrloie at 13.14 pm (1:14)

• Jemelle at 13.20pm (1:20)

• Libramont at 13.41 pm (1:41)

• Tarbehan at 13.59 pm (1:59)

• Arlon at 14.13 pm (2:13)

• Luxembourg at 14.37 (2:37)

As soon as I got to Lux I bought Luxembourg Card for 10.00 euro- since we are only staying for a day-the card will come handy- it could be used –free admission to 55 sites unlimited visit and trains & busses on the National Public transport free (Grand-Duchy of Lux public transport network).  It is a best friend of a tourist 

Luxembourg is green-mystifying –I thought Netherland was beautiful-boy everyone should visit Luxembourg even if it is for one day!!On September 3, 2011 went inside and seat for the few minute at church in the afternoon. The church has a lot of Parishioners-I have been in different churches since I started my tour of Europe-beautiful churches but empty-this is different-people rushing not to miss –I think 4pm service-Eglise St Alphonse church. The language is French –the same as Brussels. In Netherland –the language is Polish-but people speak English as well as French. When people great each other in Brussels-they give one kiss on the cheek for both men and women and Luxembourg –three kisses on the cheek for both men and women.

On September 4, 2011 Sunday- visited ETTELBRUCKVIANDEN – took a train from Lux-to Ettelbruck and a bus to Vianden. While I was waiting for a bus I started chitchatting with this young 14 years old girl-she is also waiting for a different bus-she speak conversational English-which she said took it for a year-speak Lëtzebuergesch; French and some Spanish. Amazing!! –Use the Vianden Chairlift (my first Chairlift ride) to see the City and Vianden Castle-it has this quiet beautiful splendid sight- the Vianden Castle-look like something from Robin Hood movie-old mystic. Returning back from Vianden- one of the older passenger he got in the bus-when he gave the bus driver the fare and the driver about to give him his change-the man said to keep the change-like it is a taxi-interesting. I got to the train station –heading back to Lux city- and I must have took the express train –it skipe most of the stations:-These are the stations between city of Lux and Vianden.  

• Ettelbruck ​13:29 pm

• Schieren

• Colmar-Berg

• Cruchten

• Marche

• Lintze

• Loretzwiler

• Heisdorf

• Walferdange

• Dommel Earge​$13:55 pm and Luxembourg at 14:00 pm

We stayed Best Western hotel right in front of Gare-Luxembourg- small but nice neat hotel-breakfast included – pack and left to Paris on September 4, 2011 Sunday at 17:12 pm. 

We just jump in the train and sat –since the train looks empty. Then my travel companion (it is cheaper when you are two sharing hotel and ticket for a train) went to investigate the other cars and use the toilet. When she came back she said she talk to the conductor if we could move from our car to the car she thought seem to have a better sitting arrangements- the conductor said we can till the people who reserved the sit showed up-at that time I said does our ticket have a sit number-she said NO-at the same time a lady came to our sit and said the sit belong to her…funny. Thanks lord the train has not started moving- we look at our ticket and start searching for our reserved sit- we have been traveling from Amsterdam to Paris using street car, bus and train-this is the first time we found out that we need to be in some numbered sit as if we are in a plane. When we got to our sit-here we go again-someone is relaxing at our sit-


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