Dubai at Night


Khalid bin Al Waleed Dubai Metro Station

The best way to move around the city it is by Metro. Dubai has two metro lines: Red & Green. The fare is similar to Washington DC by distance. The metro cards are Red, Gray and Gold. The Red card is recommended for Tourist. You can catch the train from the Airport to go to your hotel. On Friday’s metro opens after 1pm; the trains run from 6am to12pm from Saturday to Thursday and from 2pm to 12am on Fridays. Usually the first or last train car is dedicated only for women and children-theother cars for everyone including women and children. Look at the writing on top there are some cars for Gold card holders and you should not be in that car also. Dubai Airport Wi-FI user ID is Maxspot in case you needed to use your Wi-Fi once you get off the plane. Dubai use military time or 24 hr so …get yourself familiarize we that.The Airport Terminal 3 is the most beautiful airport –even though I still think Amsterdam airport is one of the top.

Once you get to Dubai what to see and do-

1. Dubai Museum- it is the main museum in Dubai –located in the Al Fahidi metor station. Take the Green metro to Al Fahidi and ask for direction. The museum built in 1787 and is the oldest existing building in Dubai. Hours Monday – Thursday; Saturday – Sunday 8:30 am – 8:30 pm; On Friday 2:30 pm -8:30 pm. Entrance fee 3 AED (0.82 cent in US Dollars)
2. The Dubai Mall & Burj Khalifa (AT the Top-tallest building 206 floor); The Dancing Fountain; Dubai ice Rink, Dubai Aquarium. Waterfall at Dubai Mall with Diving Statues is work of art located inside the mall. To get here take the red line metro and get off at Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall metro station. The stations also have numbers and this station is #25.


Burj Khalifa

a) Dubai Aquarium and underwater Zoo:
Sunday to Wednesday from 10am to 10pm
Last admission: 9:30pm
Thursday to Saturday from 10am to 12 midnight
Last admission: 11:30pm

b) Dubai Fountain Schedule
Evening Shows
6:00 PM to 11:00 PM Sun – Wed
6:00 PM to 11:30 PM Thu – Sat
(Every 30 Minutes)

c) At the Top Burj Khalifa – my recommendation it does not worth your money ($29.00 US dollar) to take the elevator to 124 floor, but if you want go for it do it early sometime before it get dark and do not buy any additional thing they offer you some type of card for AED 25.00 just say you do not need it.
Open daily
Sunday – Wednesday 9AM – midnight
Thursday – 8:30AM – midnight
Friday – Saturday 4:30AM – midnight

d) Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo
250 AED ($68.00 US Dollar)
3. Mall of the Emirates- red line get off at station # 32 or Mall of the Emirates station- it is a mall and you will see Ski Dubai –you will be impressed.
4. Dubai Gold; spice and textile Souk- take the Green metro and get off at station# 23 or Al Ras. After that take RTA water taxi to the other side and walk will see different Embassy
5. Burj Al Arab Hotel – you need to make reservation to get in. Afternoon tea is the best thing to do – make your reservation in the afternoon b/n 4:30 and 5:30 and ask for window sit. Hot to get to the hotel take red line and get off at station #34 or Dubai Internet City –when you exit take a taxi to the hotel. It is always a good idea to take the business card of the hotel you are staying- most taxi drivers does not know the city well- so instead of explain where you want to go at night if you take a taxi to your hotel give the driver the hotel business card. And if you plan to go somewhere by taxi make sure you write the correct address in the paper and give that to the driver instead of try to explain to the driver where you want to go.
6. Evening Desert Safari 160 AED ($44 US dollar) and Abu Dhabi City Tour (360 AED $98 US Dollar). This is the web page or the tour guide I used for Evening Desert Safari I traveled by myself to Abu Dhabi but their rate seems reasonable.


Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi

7. If you have a day to waste my recommendation will be Atlantis The Palm, Dubai- it is water park and fun, fun, fun. If you do not have those kinds of day go to Jumeirah Beach- just to say you have seen the beach. I have not had enough time to visit Jumeirah beach (bad time management) but Atlantis was fun and it has its own beach.
8. If it is any help I have downloaded currency converter app –which came handy whenever I need it. Every metro station has currency exchange kiosk so you do not need to worry about getting money. Just as a reminder when you get your currency exchange, always asks for small bills nothing larger than $20 bill. From what I notice they are not used to give back your changes. I think the wealthy residents or locals as they are called do not take their changes and the Cab-drivers and the waitress think everyone do not expect to get their change back.

Well I tried to put as much information as I can, hope I did not forget anything. BTW- both Dubai and Abu Dhabi are like any western city; you can wear pretty much anything-short; sleeveless ……