The amazing life of traveling #1 Nethrland, Amsterdam (Holand) 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱

August 26, 2011

August 30, 2011-Tuesday

–entrance fee 14.00 Euro

Van Gogh aim to become painter of peasant sceanes. He studies with Anton Mauve Hague School under his supervision he made his first panting.
What I like at Van Gogh Museum

  1.  1887 L. Lhermitte by Leon Lhermitte 1844 – 1925 Het Hooien
  2. Wood Cutters by Anton Mauve 1838-1888 –It is about nature

End of the first floor

  1. Avenue with poplars in autumns by Van Gogh 1853 – 1890 Oil on Canvas

He did not regard this painting as work of art in itself- as he wrote to his brother Theo. The effect of light and shadow is not entirely realistic –the shadow cast by the trees does fall in the same diameter as those easts by the rails.

      2. The Cottage- Oil on Canvas by Van Gogh

      3. Peasant Family at the table 1882 by Boerrgez in can de Mealtijd 1824 – 1911

      4. Potato Eaters 1885 by Van Gogh- His first attempt to produce a true masterpiece. But, the painting did not bring his the success he deserved and he would never again produce such an ambitious composition.

      5. The Haymaking- Eragny by Camile Pissarro 1887- Camille Pissarro 1830 – 1903 known for and introduce Ban Gogh to draw using point paint or Pointillist.

End of the second and 3rd floor

  1. Figure Under a blooming tree 1904 – 1905 by Odilon Redon 1840-1916 –Canvas-animal glue
  2. Effie Deans from Walter Scott’s Novel “Heart of Midlothian” 1876 -1881 by James Abbott Mac Neill Whistler 1834 -1903 Oil On Canvas

Van Gogh was born on 30 March 1853. At age 26 he decided to become an artist-unemployed and complete looser. On 27 July 1890 he shot himself in the chest and died two days later. Theo his brother on his side left 900 paintings and 1,100 drawings 800 letters. Theo is his brother who helped him financially. Theo died 6th month after Van Gogh. Van Gogh buried in Auvers-Suroise. His brother 1st buried in Netherlands, but removed and reburied in Auvers.
Van Gogh cut off part of his ear during a heated argument with Paul Gauguin
Anne Frank House  –open from 9 am – 10 pm in August. Entrance fee 8.50 euro- best time to go late afternoon. Street car and Bus stop at Westermarket. Street car 13, 14, & 17; Bus 21, 170, 171 or 172
I have read the book before I left for Amsterdam, taking the tour of the house was the icing on the cake. I enjoyed every second of it…when you enter the museum- Anne father have a recorded video message-he said “if you parents think you know your children, think again. He said he thought he knew his Anne till he start reading her diary after her death.

Hermitage Amsterdam
– It is the neighborhood where the Art of the Russian Orthodox Church located- tour the neighborhood –did not went inside the museum
I took a train to see two cities in Amsterdam: Rotterdam & The Hague. International court of Justice (ICC-international criminal court) located in Hague. I wanted also to see City of Haarlem- St. Bravo’s Cathedral and famous Muller Organ that was played by both Mozart and Handel located in City of Haarlem, but did not have time.