My 0.50 Cent for your 2020 Olympic Trip to Japan

These Are few words you need to familiarize yourself 

First thing first the toilet AKA Washlet! Japanese people are way advanced when you think about bathroom experience.. Do you want your behind washed; their toilet have the app for that, deodorize the room, destruction noise in case you don’t want to alert you are doing #2 or you just want a music to play while you are taking care of personal hygiene.

Don’t even think of Jaywalking, I don’t think they even heard of the word. Please no jaywalking. They only use the zebra crossing and only when the crossing light turn green, no exception.  

What to see?

Japan is an old country full of history, temples and shrines. Don’t temple out yourself. If you see two important one that will be enough, pretty much for us foreigners all looks the same.  

Mt Fuji-depending on when you will be in Japan matter what type of Mt. Fuji you are going to experience. I went in the beginning of March, so the top part of it was covered by snow. That is what we know about Mt. Fuji, but if you arrived in the middle of summer Mt. Fuji is going to look like an ordinary Mountain 

 By the way this is floating, it is not hunkered down 

Make sure you make time to visit Hiroshima the standing building as well as the museum. If you decided to visit one museum make sure this will be the one

The bamboo Jungle

And the Big Buddha

The trains could be expensive as well as confusing. Please do your research before you get to Japan. If you decide to get the Japan rail pass you need to order and receive it before you jump in that flight

And the food: Japan is a paradise for pork and sushi lover. But in Tokyo be ready to wait on line outside the restaurant for 45 minutes minimum. The restaurants are small limited space do not take reservations most of time. And English is not their first language or second, but they are a well mannered and extremely polite society 

And they love to display replica of their menu